How to Activate N26 Bank Card? [Update 2022]

Have you ever thought you could have a bank account you can manage on your phone? The N26 bank accounts are of this kind. Apart from managing your account on your phone, you will be given a Visa or MasterCard debit card. You can use this to withdraw cash from ATM machines and make payments for services online or in mortar and brick stores.

How Can I Connect or Disconnect My Smartphone to My Account?

To be able to use your N26 account, you need to connect it to a smartphone. The compatible smartphones include the iPhone 4S or later versions, with iOS at the very least. You can only connect one device to one account.

When creating an account for the first time, you have to connect it to a smartphone. After buying a new device or phone number, you have to disconnect the account from the old one. You can then connect to the new device or phone number. Only then will you be able to activate your N26 Bank Card.

Connecting your account to a smartphone starts when you open the app on your device. At the next stage, the mobile phone number activation process will be done. You will receive a 4-digit activation code. Enter it to have your phone connected in no time.

To disconnect an old device, go open the mobile app and go to ‘My Account’. You will be directed on how you will disconnect your account. If you are using the Web App, go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘Security Settings’. You will receive an email with further instructions.

How Do I Activate My Card?

You can only use your card after activating it. To activate N6 Bank Card, you need to have already connected it to a smartphone. Or visit the webapp and activate it directly.

For the residents of Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Spain or France, you have to withdraw the money from an ATM first before using the card elsewhere.

To activate your card, you need to enter the 10-digit token number. It is the number just below your name on the front of the card. It could also be in the back in case of an N26 Metal, N26 Black or Maestro card. Keep this number. You will be required to produce it every time you contact N26.

If you receive multiple cards, it is only possible to activate the most recent one. You just can’t have more than one card per account. Whenever you receive a replacement for a lost, broken or stolen card, you have to go through the activation process all over again. An account upgrade also requires the activation process to be done all over again.

How Can I Set My Card PIN?

Don’t expect to receive a PIN for your N26 card through the post office. As soon as you successfully connect your account to your smartphone and activated it, you will be required to set a PIN. Here is the process you will have to go through to set or change the PIN for your N26 Bank Card:

  • After opening the app, select ‘My Account’.
  • Go to ‘Card Settings’ and choose a card by swiping.
  • Select ‘Reset PIN’ on the Webpage or ‘Change PIN’ on the mobile app.
  • Enter the 10-digit token number on the front or back of your card.
  • Choose a new PIN and confirm it.

After going through all these stages, your card should be ready for use.

Eella Jacksoon

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