8 Everyday Activities That Can Cause Back Pain (Update 2022)

Back pain is a common problem that can affect anyone, at any age. When the back pain doesn’t go away with conservative treatments, it’s time to consult a doctor and get an evaluation. Here are some activities you might be doing that could be causing your back pain:

➡️ Desk Jobs

If you’re like most people, your days are filled with a mix of sitting and standing. Unfortunately, many of us do a lot of sitting at our desks. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to back pain. Here are some activities that can help relieve back pain:

👉  Stand up and move around every 20 minutes or so. This will help keep your muscles active and improve your circulation.

👉  Take breaks throughout the day to move around. This will help you avoid back pain and improve your overall health.

👉  Use a standing desk if possible. A standing desk allows you to move more easily and keeps you more active throughout the day.

👉  Use a cushion to support your back when you sit at your desk. This will help relieve pressure on your spine and reduce the risk of back pain.

➡️ Lifting

There are several ways to lift that can put strain on the back. One way is to use improper form. When lifting with bad form, the spine is compressed and this can lead to back pain. The other way to lift that can cause back pain is by using too much weight. Lifting weights that are too heavy can also cause spinal compression and back pain.

➡️ Sleeping

Sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. When we sleep, our body repairs and heals itself. However, sleeping in a wrong position or with poor sleeping habits can result in back pain. Here are some activities that can lead to back pain:
Sleeping on your stomach: This is the most common cause of back pain during sleep. Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your spinal cord and spine, which can cause nerve compression and inflammation.

Sleeping on your side: Side sleeping also puts pressure on your spinal cord and spine, but not as much as sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back: Back sleeping is the least likely to cause back pain, but it’s still a risk. Back sleeping puts less pressure on your spine than any other position, but it’s still possible to develop nerve compression or inflammation if you’re not careful.

Sleeping with a partner: If you and your partner are both comfortable using different positions, that’s great! But if one of you often ends up with back pain after falling asleep, try switching to another position – like on your front – until you find one that doesn’t cause pain.

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, here are some tips to help:

Set realistic goals for how many hours of sleep you need each night.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed. They can disrupt your sleep cycle and make it harder to fall asleep.

Avoid working or using electronics in bed. These activities can keep you from getting the deep, restful sleep you need.

Keep a comfortable temperature in your bedroom. Too hot or too cold can also make it difficult to fall asleep.

➡️ Eating Junk Food

Eating junk food can be a big contributor to back pain. Junk food usually contains high levels of sugar, which is a known cause of chronic back pain. It can also contain unhealthy fats and chemicals that can aggravate your back pain. Consuming these types of foods can also increase your risk for other health problems, such as obesity and heart disease.

If you’re struggling with chronic back pain, it’s important to incorporate regular exercise into your routine as well. This will help to improve your overall health and reduce your risk for developing back pain in the future.

➡️ Watching TV

If you routinely sit in the same position for long periods of time, your back may start to hurt. When you watch TV, be aware of the way you are sitting and move around often. You can also try standing up and moving around while watching TV to avoid sitting in one position for too long.

➡️ Reading in Bed

There are several things you can do to avoid back pain when reading in bed. First, make sure the bed is comfortable. If it’s too hard or too soft, you’re more likely to feel pain when you rest your head on it. Second, try to keep your spine as straight as possible while you read. Curling up into a ball reduces the space between your spine and the mattress, which can cause back pain.

Finally, don’t strain your neck by looking up at high places or reading for too long without taking a break.

➡️ Looking at Your Phone

If you’re looking at your phone for hours on end, you’re putting yourself at risk of back pain.

The National Institute of Health notes that people who spend more than five hours per day on their phones are twice as likely to experience back pain.

Other activities that can lead to back pain include leaning forward while working on a computer, driving long distances, and sitting in a confined space.

If you’re experiencing back pain, it might be a good idea to take some time away from your phone and do something else that will help you feel better.

➡️ Carrying Bags

Carrying bags can be a challenging task for anyone, but for those with back pain, it can be downright dangerous. Here are some of the most common activities that can cause back pain and how to avoid them:

👉 Using a backpack or carrying anything on your back while walking: This is the most common activity that causes back pain. Carrying your gear on your back forces you to use your abdominal muscles to support the weight, which can put a lot of pressure on your spine. To avoid back pain while carrying a bag, try using a shoulder strap or using a messenger bag instead.

👉 Picking up heavy objects: If you’re someone who picks up heavy objects often, beware of how this might affect your back. Picking up large items can place a lot of stress on the spine, and if you do it often enough, it could lead to back pain. Instead, try picking up small objects or using an armload instead.

👉 Sitting for extended periods of time: Sitting for long periods of time is another common activity that can lead to back pain. When you sit in one position.


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