How to Prequalify for a Chase Credit Card in 2022?

One of the ways of getting a Chase credit card is for you to become prequalified for one. What that essentially means is you have higher chances of getting approved for a credit card than if you made your application from scratch. The lender reviews financial, personal, and credit information in the background before making a decision to pre-qualify you.

How Do You Get Prequalified for A Chase Credit Card?

You can do it right on the Chase pre-approval check page. The process doesn’t take long and has no impact on your credit score. At the end of it, you will be able to find and take advantage of the right credit card on offer.

Here’s how to pre-qualify for a Chase credit card:

  • Go to the Chase website and open the pre-approval check page.
  • Enter your name, street address, city, state, zip code, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • To confirm that you are aware you aren’t making an application and that the prequalification process won’t affect your credit score, you will be required to check the provided box.
  • Click “Find My Offers” and you would have given Chase permission to take a look at your credit.

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After reviewing your information, Chase will inform you if you have actually been prequalified or not. If “Yes”, they will indicate the card offers you could actually apply for.

While approval is never guaranteed, a prequalification from Chase means your application has very good odds.

Benefits of Having a Chase Credit Card

Chase has a number of credit card offerings and all of them have benefits including the following:

 Incomparable cash back offer. Chase credit cards come up to a 5 percent cash back. Besides, you will get a $150 bonus if you buy goods worth $500 in your first three months after opening the account. The good thing is that you can keep the cash back rewards open by maintaining an active account.

 Best reward points offers. Two of the cards, namely Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve have the best rewards for travelers. At the very best, each reward point is worth 1.25 cents. Transferring the rewards to select airlines gives you even more lucrative offers.

 Zero foreign transaction fees. When you use your Chase credit card to make payments abroad, you will not be required to pay any transaction fees.

 More secure. Chase credit cards come with the chip and PIN technology, which is more secure than the older magnetic strip technology. Besides, the chip and PIN technology are widely accepted for those making payments on their overseas travels.

 Primary insurance on your rental car. More often than not, travelers rent a car as soon as they land in a foreign country. Under normal circumstances, you would have to make claims from your personal insurance. However, with a Chase credit card, you do not have to do any of that, since your insurance is already covered.

Now that you know what a Chase credit card has to offer, it is time you applied for prequalification. Once your account is opened, you will have everything you need in a credit card.


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