Best Engagement Messages For Friend| Engagement Anniversary Messages

Congratulations on your engagement Friend! It’s just a beginning of an amazing journey full of love and tenderness, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. I couldn’t be happier for you, Friend. God bless both of you.

Engagement Messages For Friend 🦋

Oh, sweet friend, I wish you only the best, every moment blessed, as you prepare to marry the man/woman of your dreams. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

My compliments to your future bride/groom. He/she just made the choice of a lifetime. May your years together be all you dream of, precious friend. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Engaged is a synonym for busy. Now you can officially ward off your friends and family from disturbing you because you are ‘engaged. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Precious friend, you two were meant to be together, and I knew it the moment I first met him/her. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

I will never forget the excitement in your voice and the glow on your face when you introduced us. May that kind of love remain in you both for life. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

I’m so happy for both of you and very excited I have a permanent and lovely couple with whom I can be a third wheel! Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Best wishes on your engagement my friend! May your relationship always be filled with lots of love and happiness. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Beloved friend, blessings to you as you begin planning for the marriage of a lifetime. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

May the beauty of marriage and the joy of love meet at the crossroads of eternity. Blessings to my best friend on getting engaged. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Congratulations on getting engaged. You are two incredible people: my best friend and the one, my best friend loves. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

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Applause for the great news, my amazing friendship. May there be many standing ovations as you build a life together Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Warmest wishes on getting engaged, wonderful friend! I’m excited to watch you grow into an amazing wife/husband. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Blessings on your engagement, dear friend. The time has come for me to share you with another, but I do so gladly knowing how happy he/she makes you feel. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

I’m thrilled for you, sweet friend. Your childhood wishes of marrying a prince are coming true. May you live happily ever after. Happy Engagement Dear !! 🦋

Best Engagement Messages For Friends 💐

I’ve loved watching you grow up and I’m so excited for you to start this new chapter of your life with (fiancé). (if younger sibling) Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

So happy for the both of you. and I can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter of your lives with you.” Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life—and more! Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Remember when we used to talk about finding the perfect guy/girl? Well now you have! Lots of love, now and always. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

My deserving friend, may all happiness and joy fill your soul as you prepare for life with the one God has brought to you. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Lots of love to the best sister/brother/friend in the world and her/his new fiancé. May you have a marriage full of love and happiness! Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Sweetest friend, may you luxuriate in the love being sent to you today from me and all who are blessed to hear of your engagement. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

I have looked up to you my whole life and I am so excited for you and (fiancé) and your new adventure. Congratulations! (if older sibling) Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

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My sweet and special friend, may you and your betrothed enjoy endless joy and countless moments of tenderness as you prepare for marriage. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Sending good wishes like confetti to fall over you on this happy day, my friend. Congratulations on getting engaged to a wonderful person. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

So happy for both of you. and I can’t wait to celebrate this new chapter of your lives with you. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

My precious friend, knowing you is the same as loving you, and I wish you much happiness as you step into this new role. May God watch over your marriage, blessing it daily. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Sending bouquets of beautiful wishes to you my newly-engaged friend. May God bless each moment as you prepare for marriage. Congratulations Buddy !! 💐

Short Engagement Congratulation Messages🌹

Wishing you a lifetime of great sex…oh, and happiness and love—that stuff is important too. Congrats🌹

Best wishes for a long and happy life together. Congrats🌹

I’m so glad two weirdos like you found each other. Good luck. Congrats🌹

“I can’t wait to sob at your wedding! Congrats🌹

Of all the big life events we’ve celebrated together, this one tops the list. Congrats🌹

I’m so excited for the open bar. I mean, the wedding! Congrats🌹

May your future be full of love, blessings and pure joy. Congrats🌹

I’m so happy for your and your new engagement ring. I mean, fiancé! Congrats🌹

I wish you lots of love as you walk through this life hand in hand. Congrats🌹

Congratulations to a wonderful friend on his/her new fiancé. Congrats🌹

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