Engagement Quotes For Sister | Best Greetings To Sister

Engagement Quotes For Sister 💌

🦋 Dear sister, engagement is a divorce with all late-night parties and weekend hanging out. Hope you get a good attorney. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Your husband to be is the luckiest man alive! At least we want him to think so. May your marriage be full love and tenderness, and may your love shine brighter than all of the stars. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 I will be most pleased to be the referee in the boxing match that is slated to begin soon. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Through the storms of life, may your love for one another be steadfast and strong. Wishing you joy and happiness. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Do you start to think about your big day? It’s not the right time to do that! It’s time to celebrate your engagement! Be ready for crazy night!  Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 What a lovely day! You will be the prettiest bride. I can’t wait to see you stepping into this new married life. You will love it. Wishing all of this world’s love and happiness.  Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Dear sis, my heart filled with endless joy the minute I heard the great news about your engagement. Wishing endless happiness to you and your beloved one! Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Engagement is the starting of a new life it’s the starting of a new journey. Wish you luck for your future. Happy weeding. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Engagement is a victory. The victory of love. And on your engagement day, I wish that victory becomes a companion of your amazing couple for many long years! Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 The most heartfelt congratulations with engagement! I’m very happy for you, my dear sister! Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 My sweet sister, engagement is a wonderful event in your life. I know that you will be nervous and stressful, but you always can call me to talk. Best of luck!  Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

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🦋 My sweet sister, I’m very glad for the new stage in your life, now you are a fiancée! You’ll be a wonderful bride!  Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Are you ready for your hen party? It’s time to start thinking about it. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Stay in love, stay happy and stay cute together even when you’re married. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 My perfect sister, I’m really impressed that you got engaged. Wonderful news!  Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

🦋 Wake up; This is not a dream. Your engagement with your lover is more real than it seems. Happy Engagement MY Lovely Sister !! 🌹

Engagement Congratulation Quotes For Sister 💝

🌲 I wish you all the best of everything and beyond. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 My perfect sister, I’m really impressed that you got engaged. Wonderful news! Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 Let me congratulate you with your dream engagement! It’s a perfect occasion to celebrate. Waiting for you on Friday! Be ready for crazy time! Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 Hope this engagement ring will not turn into suffix-‘ring’ for my soon to be brother in law. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 Wake up; This is not a dream. Your engagement with your lover is more real than it seems. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 I wish that love will never leave you since this big decision was made! Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 I am maintaining one-minute silence for all the heartbroken men in the world over your engagement. Now I can wish my beautiful sister. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 I used to tell you ‘look and leap’. Now that you didn’t listen, get ready for a lifetime with the fatso you have chosen. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 An engagement is the time when the fiancé loosens his tie and the fiancée rolls up her sleeves. Congratulations on getting engaged. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 This great news is cause for celebration! To my wonderful sister and her fiancé, best wishes for engagement!  Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

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🌲 May your love for each other continue to grow each and every day. I am so happy your engaged, my sister!  Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 The best wishes on this special occasion, sister! May the great feeling of love never leave your heart! Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 Always pray that you are happy and joyful! Best wishes for the engagement. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 This will be the biggest adventure of your life and I really hope you won’t ruin it. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 I know I will miss you in the future but it’s necessary that you must be got engaged that’s the crux of life to be with someone. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

🌲 May this engagement be a new story of your life full of incredible memories and moments. Congratulations Dear Sister !! 💐

Special Engagement Quotes For Sister 💟

🐳 This day is very special. I raise up a glass of champagne and wish you the best of luck, dear sister. It’s so amazing! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 Your boyfriend should be proud of you. You’ll be a perfect wife. Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 Feel by heart, touch by heart and hear by heart! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 “Marriage is getting to have a sleep over with your best friend, every single night of the week. Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 Congratulation to the most beautiful and the happiest couple! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳Dear sister, wishing you a very happy Engagement and a wonderful life ahead. Be loved always. Stay blessed! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 My sister, be happy, always. Happy engagement! Lots of love to you! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 Sending loads of love to my little sister on her Engagement Day! Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 This is the Day of turning point in your life and I wish all the blessings with love to make your life a wonderful poem, Congrats !! 🌺

🐳 I’m so happy for you that your dream came true! Love you to the moon and back! Congrats !! 🌺

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