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How to Get Sim Number Details

Many times in life we receive calls from an unknown person with an unidentified number and we want to know who the person is trying to call us. Sometimes scammers use different methods to call people from different numbers. It’s important to know who is calling to avoid scams and other related problems and is only possible if you know exactly the person’s name. Sometimes calls from unknown numbers can be very annoying. To avoid such a situation you must know a method to check the person’s name who is trying to call you.

Many people are curious about the ownership of sim numbers used by different persons in Pakistan and internationally for such information this article might help you. It is the modern era of IT (Information Technology) vast amount of information is available on the internet. You don’t need to contact authorities to get the sim owner’s details it’s available online. If you have a number you can find the sim owner’s detail easily. Now it is possible in Pakistan and internationally to trace a mobile number using this process. Now it’s also possible to get info from Cnic. Now nobody can disturb you from unknown numbers.

Sometimes we forget about the owner of the sim number in our family. We are unable to find out about ownership of the sim. In such cases, there are no chances data can be used illegally. For such purposes, it will not be illegal to reveal information about the ownership detail of the sim. This article will guide you about all methods and resources available to get ownership detail of the sim.

In the market, there are plenty of methods available to get number detail. Many websites and Apps are available on google and play store to provide such information but most of the apps try to steal user data instead of providing ownership detail of searched numbers. So it’s not a wise decision to use such apps and websites to find sim information. Technically it’s illegal to use someone’s information without his permission.

Let’s Talk about some methods and techniques available in the market to check the sim ownership detail of Pakistani numbers.

How To Check Sim Owner Name By Mobile Number:

As we talked before if you have a number and you want to confirm the owner of this number then this is a suitable method. This method work for all sims in Pakistan including Jazz, Scom, Ufone, and Telenor.

All you need is just an MNP from a sim. and you can just need to dial this MNP from any sim number. You can also send a message at ”667” and it will cost around 2 rupees and you will get all detail in a couple of minutes depending upon the different network. charges and times can vary.

After sending a message to ”667” you will receive a back massage including the sim owner’s name number of sims available on your CNIC. It will include the sim number available on the different networks on your CNIC and that will be the information you might be looking for.

For this method, you must have some funds to send a message so you can get the required information according to your need. Sometimes you just want to change your network without changing your number for this purpose this information is required that how you can get it. This will help you to change your network.

Here are some other methods and  ways to obtain information about another’s SIM number details :


It is an open database site that provides information about the ownership of different numbers. You can use it to find the required information. Using this website you can also locate the number location where is located exactly. Although this doesn’t work all time.

You can get information by following these steps.

Steps : That you need to follow:

* Open the website above in your Chrome web browser.

  • Click the Search Bar, Type your phone number

* Enter and Find the required result.

There are a few steps to help you get your personal SIM card details by using your mobile device.

You can verify the owner’s name on the specific Telenor, Jazz, Ufone, or Zong SIM.

1) Telenor

* Log into the message application and type “MNP”

  • Send it to 667
  • You’ll receive an SMS message that contains all details including the SIM the owner’s name and CNIC

2) Jazz

* Open the message App and type “MNP”

* Send it to 667

  • You’ll receive an SMS message that contains all details including the SIM owner’s name and CNIC

3) Ufone

* Open the message App and type “MNP”

* Send it to 667

  • You’ll receive an SMS message which will include all details including the SIM owner’s name and CNIC

4) Zong

* Log into the message App and type “MNP”

* Send it to 667

You will receive a message from 667 including all the information that you are looking for.

There are a few other methods and quick ways to get information about sim numbers.

Most of them operate with all gadgets and all locations. They can help you to get information regarding your desired number and also the individual. Use these methods and techniques to find useful and rational information for personal information only.

I hope this article might help you find information on the sim number. Please Share this important information with other people through different social media platforms. Keep checking our website for more tech-related content daily.


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