Everything You Need To Know About NatWest Credit Cards (2022)

Are you considering applying for one of the NatWest credit cards? You are on the right track. With a credit card, you will be able to buy things the same way you do when you use a debit card. The only difference is that a credit card allows you to borrow and pay for what you buy later. You don’t need to have money in your bank account to make payments for the goods and services you buy.

Why NatWest Credit Cards?

Did you know that NatWest offers a variety of credit cards designed to meet your needs? No matter the category into which you fall, you will be able to find a credit card that’s good enough for you. The reason you should consider NatWest credit cards is that you don’t need to be a customer to qualify for a credit card. That applies to all cards except the student credit card. With a NatWest credit card, you will be able to make payments anywhere they accept a MasterCard.

The following are the reasons to consider NatWest credit cards:

  • Extra security and protection. Apart from the credit card services, NatWest offers a secure way for you to keep your money. With the security measures they have put in place, there is no way you are going to fall prey to fraudsters.
  • Global acceptance. All the NatWest credit cards are part of the MasterCard network. You can use your credit card to make payments at virtually any retailer who accepts a MasterCard. That is in addition to ATM withdrawals, virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile app. Using the NatWest mobile app, you can monitor how you are spending your finances on the go. If you want to closely keep an eye on your budget and spending, this app will come in handy.

How to Apply for NatWest Credit Cards?

Just about anyone is eligible for a NatWest credit card. You don’t need to have been a previous customer to apply. Application for your NatWest credit cards in four main ways. They include the following:

  1. Online application by visiting the NatWest credit card pages.
  2. Application via the NatWest mobile app.
  3. You can call NatWest on the phone numbers 0800-200-400 or +44-121-929-0223 depending on whether you are in the UK or overseas.
  4. Visit the nearest NatWest branch and fill in a credit card application form.

Four Types of NatWest Credit Cards

NatWest credit cards exist in four distinct types with each one of them benefiting people from diverse backgrounds. They include the following:

1. The NatWest Credit Card

This card is designed so that you can enjoy a low rate of interest on both balance transfers and purchases. There are no transfer fees on this card. The APR stands at 9.9 percent but could change. If you are thinking of saving money abroad, this is the card to apply for. To apply for this card, you must be a resident of the UK, 18 years and older, and with an income of at least £10,000 per year. The following are the features of this card:

  • No fees on foreign transactions.
  • Low rates on balance transfers and purchases.
  • No fees on balance transfer.
2. The NatWest Reward Credit Card

If you crave rewards on each and every spending you make with your credit card, this is the option you should go for. The representative APR on this card stands at 23.7 percent. There is also an annual fee. You are eligible to apply for this card if you are a resident of Mainland UK, 18 years old and above, and with an income of at least £10,000 per year. Here are some of the features of this card:

  • You will get a 1 percent in cashback rewards on any amount you spend in a supermarket and 0.5 percent on what you spend at the petrol station.
  • Selected MyRewards retailers will give you between 1 and 15 percent cash back.
  • Making purchases anywhere else will qualify you for 0.5 percent in rewards.
  • Anyone with a Reward current account will have their annual fees rewarded.
3. The NatWest Reward Black Credit Card

If you are a Reward Black current account holder, this is the ideal card for you. It has a representative APR of 37.1 percent and an annual fee. To apply for this card you must be a resident of the UK, 18 years old and above, and with an income of at least £15,000 per year. The following are some if this card’s features:

  • Zero foreign transaction fees.
  • 1 percent cash back rewards in money spent in a supermarket and 0.5 percent in a petrol station and any other place.
  • Selected MyRewards retailers will award you between 1 and 15 percent cashback.
  • Holders of the Reward Black current account get a refund of the annual fee.
4. The NatWest Student Credit Card

If you need help with student finances, this is the card for you. It has a representative APR of 18.9 percent with no annual fee. To apply for this card, you should be a UK resident, 18 years or older, and holding a NatWest student current account. Some of its features include the following:

  • Giving you an important safety nest as a student.
  • A credit limit of up to £500.
  • Opportunity to build a credit profile.

How Do I Activate My NatWest Online Banking?

You will have to go to the NatWest website to activate online banking. Some of the things you will need to have on hand include your Activation Code and Customer Number. Click ‘Activate’ and enter the details. In a simple and easy way, the online banking will be operational.

How Do I Increase My Credit Card Limit NatWest?

You can change your NatWest credit card limit either through the mobile app or online banking. You will be taken through a simple process through which you will request for your credit limit to be increased.

Mobile App:
Log into your mobile app
Select the relevant credit card
Choose “Manage Credit Limit” and follow the onscreen instructions

Online Banking:
Log in to Online Banking at (opens in a new window)
Select ‘Cards‘ from the main menu.
In the ‘Manage your credit card‘ section select ‘Manage your credit limit‘ from the menu.
Add your annual income, requested credit limit and the last 5 digits of your NatWest credit card to the online form and select ‘Submit‘.

Do I Need To Activate My NatWest Credit Card?

If you have received a new NatWest credit card, you don’t need to activate it. In fact, the card is ready for use. Before you start using it for contactless payments, withdraw cash from an ATM or make a Chip and PIN purchase. Every time you use your card for contactless purchases, you will be asked for your PIN. If the new card is a replacement for an expired one you will only need to activate it if you are also getting a replacement PIN.

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