Learn how to write in the third person and get ready for the Nobel Prize in Literature!

If you have decided to create a story, surely you must be wondering how to write in the third person. Don’t worry, to master this style perfectly, you just need to practice a little. 

Believe it or not, writing in the third person will help you provide a unique style to your texts. Therefore, if you already know how to create a story , this type of narration will be the perfect complement to make your stories even more incredible. 

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Remember that if you want to learn how to narrate in the third person or in any other style, it is not necessary to experience extraordinary events, on the contrary, your job as a writer is to turn the everyday into something spectacular through the correct resources. 

As Majo Morón, writer and teacher of the online course The Art of Writing ,  tells us, “Literature is in the way we see the world, what matters is not the story, but the way of telling it.” 

So, to help you realize your potential as a writer, in this article we will give you the best tips to learn how to write in the third person singular or plural . We are sure that by following these key points to write a text in the third person, you will be able to dazzle your potential readers.

Apply the best type of third-person narrator

Unlike first-person accounts, writing in the third person is less subjective. In this case, the narrator is not involved in what he writes, therefore he remains completely oblivious to the facts of the story. 

In other words, according to About Español, when writing in the third person, the person who verbalizes or writes the action is someone other than the person who performs it. Basically, the narrator becomes an observer throughout the story , which brings impartiality and objectivity to the story. 

Likewise, the Escritnow Marketing experts affirm that those who know how to write in the third person are able to give the reader more confidence, since this style of writing allows them to create more professional paragraphs by removing subjectivity from the texts.

Before you start developing your plot, think about which third-person perspective will work best for your story . So that you can have a clearer idea, we will describe the types of narrator in a novel involved in this case: the omniscient narrator and the observant narrator. In this way, you will know how to change a text to third person if you need to. 

Omniscient narratorThis third-person narrator usually knows everything. While the identity of the narrator and where his knowledge comes from is unknown, he seems to know everything that happens and is about to happen. 

So how do you achieve third-person narration in this style? In short, providing the narrator with the deepest knowledge in relation to the protagonists of the story, since he knows what the characters remember, what they feel and everything they do. 

As you can see, by learning how to write in the third person you will be able to know all kinds of details, from the most banal thoughts of the characters to their most intimate memories Great, don’t you think?

Observant narrator

The other type of narrator that exists in the third person, which is also known as a witness narrator,  is the one who only has the ability to relate what he observed or what he knows.

In this way, their knowledge may become limited. According to the Life Der portal , this third-person narrator is a character in the story that remains a witness to the events, since  he only narrates what he observes or what was told to him at some point.

Following that line, it is said that his role does not change the story and may be irrelevant to the end of it.

Use third person pronouns

According to the Grammar Manual of the University of Fine Arts ,  “a story can be narrated in the first person or in the third person; The grammatical person is recognized by the use of pronouns and verbal endings.

So, to learn how to write third person singular and plural,  start by leaving out the pronouns you would use when writing in the first person or second person. Always remember that the pronouns to write in the third person are the following:

  • Singular: he, her, she, he, it, her
  • Plural: they, they 

Avoid confusing them with the pronouns that are usually used in the second person : you, you and you. This way, you will be able to connect the words in the third person correctly.


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