MyHTSpace WFMR – ESS Login, Signup and Password Reset Guide (2022)

The site MyHTSpace was created for the workers of Harris Teeter to view all their benefits, work hours, work conditions and any incentives offered.

Using the online portal on the myhtspace website, workers can enter into their account and make new accounts, and reset their login credentials if needed.

What Exactly is the MyHTSpace Site?

The main priority of Harris Teeter is making sure their employees are treated well and stay happy. The site tries to help as much as possible with that, by being easy to use and giving the employees lots of information.

These benefits give care to the workers’ family, and the MyHTspace work plan is the official site’s associate, and the workers of Harris Teeter make an organizational profile and produce all the information needed to obtain payment.

It will give workers and family members various free stuff like life insurance and medical benefits. Workers can also view the organization’s information, make leave applications, view work plans, contact other workers, and get back online data via the MyHTspace platform.

The official site link is called Benefit Solver. It provides a worker login portal. The primary language is English. The Teether issues it. The features of the site are the work schedule and other special features.

MyHTSpace WFMR – ESS Login Benifits

  • Pay that is competitive
  • Great health, financial benefits, and other advantages
  • Work quality and balance in life
  • Vision of life
  • Medical benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Life insurance for dependants
  • Disabilities that are short term
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Critical Sickness Insurance
  • Lawful advantages
  • Special card discounts
  • Disabilities that are long-term
  • Solutions for working life
  • Foundation from Ashcraft
  • Assistance is given for education
  • Accounts to spend on, which includes care for dependants and health
  • Savings and retirement plan

Requirements Needed to Login

  • Login into
  • Login with valid account information
  • Web browser
  • Computer or android tablet with stable internet access

Guide to Login into Official Site

Please follow the easy steps to access your account successfully.

  • Go to the official login site at the MyHTspace website. The site address is
  • Key in your Username
  • Then key in the login credentials in the box produced.
  • Next, log in by double-tapping on the button to gain entry to the account.

Worker Portal and Sign Up Platform

  • Visit the official site of MyHTSpace.
  • Register on the account in the relevant section.
  • Key in the Organization Key, SSN, and Birth Date into the empty section provided above.
  • Next, continue by clicking the button and follow the steps needed to make a new account.

How do you reset your password / Help on Login?

  • Visit the login portal of the official MyHTSpace website.
  • Double-tap on the link of Forget User ID on the picture above.
  • Key in the Organization Key, SSN, Worker ID along with the Birth Date.
  • All the fields are needed, and they are case sensitive.
  • Once all these are completed, continue by following the steps to get back your login credentials.

All About Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain in North Carolina. It was built in the early 1930s, and the headquarters is based in North Carolina. In 2019, the outlet had about 260 stores operating in seven states of South Atlantic and the Columbian District. The products include different types of food like bakery and seafood, along with some flowers.

Login Help for MyHTSpace WFMR – ESS

If you are experiencing login issues, please find your Human Resource Department at 704-844-HR4U or dial 888590-8859. It is available from Mon to Fri from eight in the morning till five in noon. You can access the voicemail 24 hours 7 days a week.

Final Verdict

This is everything about the MyHTSpace website. Hopefully, you enjoyed the article, and it helped you out a bit, however, if you are having problems relating to this site login, drop a comment! Come back again!

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