100+ Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings (Update)

If you’re looking for a name that has a meaningful meaning, consider choosing one of these short names for boys. Some of these names have historical roots and are associated with strong personalities or professions.

110 Sweet And Short Names For Boys With Meanings

👉 Aaron:

In the Bible, Aaron was the name of the elder brother of Moses. It’s an attractive and timeless pick, meaning ‘elevated’.👶

👉 Abe:

This name sounds super cute and way more contemporary than Abraham. It is tied with former US president Abraham Abe Lincoln. The meaning of Abe is ‘father of multitudes’.👶

👉 Abel:

Another short and cute Biblical name, Abel was Adam and Eve’s son, who was killed by his own brother in a fit of jealousy. The meaning of Abel is ‘son of breath’.👶

👉 Acer:

Forget Ace. In this technology driven world, the time is ripe for Acer, a world-renowned computer brand. You can use Ace as a nickname.👶

👉 Adam:

Adam is derived from the Hebrew word ‘adama’, and means ‘birth’. But the generic meaning of Adam is ‘man’. A safe and timeless option.👶

👉 Aiden:

Aiden has been one of the most popular short baby boy names for over a decade. This moniker has spawned several variations. In fact, it has also outdone Aidan, its traditional Irish spelling.👶

👉 Alex:

If you want something strong and happening, pick Alex for your son. It is a short form of Alexander and means ‘man warrior’.👶

👉 Alfie:

Alfie, the short form of Alfred, could make a potential given name for your son. Meaning ‘sage’ or ‘wise’, Alfie is a great pick for parents looking for a mystical twist.👶

👉 Avis:

Avis isn’t just a spell in the Harry Potter books, but is a proper Latin name, meaning ‘bird’. This name was hugely popular in the middle ages when the Normans got it to England. Avis means ‘desired’.👶

👉 Axel:

Axel is unique plus badass. You don’t get to hear this name too often, and that’s what draws parents towards it. This name means ‘father of peace’.👶

👉 Basil:

A royal name for your little prince. Saint Basil the Great was a 4th century bishop and one of the fathers of the early Christian church. This Greek name means ‘kingly’.👶

👉 Beck:

This name has never been listed in the top 1000 category. So we feel it will make a unique pick for your son.👶

👉 Ben:

The trend of using shortened version of names began in the 80s and has become commonplace now. Ben is the shortened version of Benjamin and means ‘son of’.👶

👉 Bern:

Bern is a perfect example of a name you can never get tired of, no matter how many times you hear it. This German name means ‘bear’.👶

👉 Blair:

Translating to ‘field’ in Scottish, this moniker conjures images of green fields filled with wildflower. Blair is rarely used now. So seize it before it becomes too familiar.👶

👉 Blake:

This name originated as a nickname for someone who was very dark or light in complexion. It is robust, yet sweet, everything that a mother wishes in a name for her son.👶

👉 Blane:

This Irish and Scottish name is imbued with an air of effortless charm. In high school classic movie Pretty in Pink, Blane was an affluent playboy.👶

👉 Bodhi:

This ultra-rare name is beginning to rise, thanks to the stars who have opted for it. This moniker is taken from a Sanskrit word, meaning ‘enlightenment’.👶

👉 Brice:

If you want a bouncing name for your son, Brice could be the one for you. But there’s a catch. Since it’s just a letter away from turning into Bruce, your child may face some typos all his life.👶

👉 Carl:

There are two possible origins of this name. It’s either taken from English name Charles, which means ‘free man’ or derived from Scandinavian or German name Karl.👶

👉 Cian:

Cian is a name with a sense of playfulness and nobility. Meaning ‘ancient and enduring’, this moniker takes on solemnity with a hint of pleasure.👶

👉 Clark:

This name hit the charts in the year 1881, but has been on the rise for the last few years. That’s probably because of its association with the Australian cricketer Michael Clark.👶

👉 Claude:

Artsy people would recognize this name from artist and painter Claude Monet. This moniker currently ranks #889 in the US Social Security Administration List.👶

👉 Clyde:

A typical Scottish name, Clyde refers to the River Clyde in Scotland.👶

👉 Cole:

The nomadic quality of Cole harkens back to our ancestors. It was further immortalized by Tom Cruise’s role of Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder. It means swarthy’ or coal-black’.👶

👉 Craig:

Craig is taken from a Scottish surname, meaning ‘rock’. It would make a good pick for parents who like strong and stable names.👶

👉 Dante:

In the Italian language, Dante means ‘enduring and steadfast’, two robust traits that we believe you want your baby boy to have. Dante is not entirely unheard of, but still sounds rare.👶

👉 Dash:

Dashiell sounds cooler, and of course, dashing when used in its short form. And it’s proven as well, with Dash making its entry into the US Top 1000 list in the year 2014.👶

👉 David:

This name hails from the Hebrew term David, which means ‘beloved’. Being a Biblical name, David would make a good choice for religious parents.👶

👉 Dean:

An ideal pick for traditional parents. This moniker is taken from the Old English word ‘denu’, which means ‘church official’. It’s recent representative is the American actor Dean Cain.👶

👉 Dion:

This Greek name is a shortened variation of Dionysius, the name of the Greek god of fertility, wine, and theater. We also feel that Dion sounds trendier than the original.👶

👉 Eli:

Eli is a Biblical name with loads of energy and spirit. It currently ranks 53rd in the US SSA list.👶

👉 Enzo:

This captivating Italian name is a short form of Lorenzo and Vincenzo. But the Germans consider it as a variation of Henry.👶

👉 Eryk:

This moniker represents an ideal character- strong and adorable. In the Polish language, Eryk means ‘lovable’, which we’re sure your son will be. And in the Norse language, Eryk translates to ‘eternal ruler’.👶

👉 Ethan:

Ethan has been one of the top 10 names for over a decade now. It would make an excellent option for parents who want a name that’s approachable and not too traditional.👶

👉 Ezra:

Ezra is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘help’. This name fits both genders, but we feel it would suit boys more.👶

👉 Finn:

Of late, we’ve been hearing Finn in several forms, Finley and Finnegan being the most common. But nothing can match the cuteness of Finn. And it’s on the steady rise in the US.👶

👉 Fox:

One of the most used animal-inspired name. In ancient times, Fox referred to people who hunted or caught foxes.👶

👉 Gary:

This German name has all the qualities to bounce back into fashion. It’s small, easy to spell and pronounce and has a tough meaning. Gary means ‘spear’.👶

👉 Gavin:

Meaning ‘white hawk’, this name resonates a strength that parents look for in their sons. Gavin Rossdale and Gavin DeGraw are notable celebs with this name.👶

👉 George:

This name saw a jump in popularity with the birth of Prince George of the UK.👶

👉 Grant:

Did you know that this moniker originated from a nickname for tall people? That’s new to us too. This name is associated with artist Grant Wood, best known for his painting ‘American Gothic’. Grant means ‘large’.👶

👉 Gunn:

Gunn is the shortened variation of the German name Gunther, meaning ‘warrior’. It’s usually used as a last name, take, for instance, Anna Gunn, the American actress and Tim Gunn, American fashion consultant.👶

👉 Gus:

Gus is the shortened version of the name August or Augustus and means ‘great and magnificent’. The last time this name shined was in 1978.👶

👉 Hale:

This moniker projects the sense of being hale and hearty. Its namesake is Nathan Hale, the revolutionary war hero.👶

👉 Hank:

This name is mostly renowned for being the nickname of Henry. But since 2006, it has started being used on its own.👶

👉 Hans:

Hans originated as a short form of Johannes or John, but it’s mostly associated with Hansel from the fairy tale. With namesakes like composer Hans Zimmer and Danish storyteller Hans Christian Ander, this name is sure to arouse the creative side of your little one.👶

👉 Ian:

Ian is the Scottish version of the name John and means ‘God is gracious’. It may not appear, but Ian is way more popular than you think.

👉 Ike:👶

With Isaac on the rise, its short form Ike could make to the top 1000 list soon.👶

👉 Jack:

Our list would have been incomplete without mentioning Jack. This name is brave, bold, beautiful and classic. Jack means ‘supplanter’.👶

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👉 James:

This name is on the upswing, along with its predecessor Jacob. We think it would make an excellent middle name too. Jacob means ‘supplanter’.👶

👉 Jan:

Jan is the European form of Jon and is pronounced as ‘Yan’. Some people may find it similar to Han, but we think it’s cool and different.👶

👉 Jay:

If you like names steeped in mythology, Jay could be the one for you. It’s the short form of Jason, which is the name of a renowned figure in Greek mythology.👶

👉 John:

Several great people are named John: John Wayne, John Kennedy, John Cena and John Barrymore, and the list goes on. It was also the name of one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.👶

👉 Kent:

Kent is a Celtic name, meaning ‘high or coastal land’. The history of this name can be traced to Berkshire in the UK. Geeky parents would associate this name to Clark Kent, the Superman.👶

👉 Knox:

One of the coolest one-syllable short names for boys. Knox means ‘from the hills’.👶

👉 Kurt:

Kurt is a High German name, meaning ‘advisor’. Its namesake is NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and Canadian skater Kurt Browning. Remember, Kurt and Curt are different.👶

👉 Lars:

This charming name is the Scandinavian translation of Latin word, ‘Laurentius’, which means ‘man from the place of Laurel’. Metaphorically, this name means ‘victory’. This short but strong name would be a perfect pick for a young man who’s meant to lead a victorious life.👶

👉 Lee:

Lee is a gentle sounding name used mostly as a surname or middle name. It hit the popularity charts in the year 1951, when it reached #226 spot. Lee means ‘meadow’.👶

👉 Leif:

Leif is a lovely name from Norse mythology. As per Norse legend, Viking Leif Ericson landed on the American shores around 500 years before Columbus came to the Caribbean.👶

👉 Leon:

Leon is a French word for ‘lion’. Lion is an imposing figure in several cultures and regions. It symbolizes courage, grandeur, and kingliness. If you want to make it shorter, snip the ‘n’ from it.👶

👉 Levi:

Levi was the name of the third son of Leah and Jacob. But his real name was Matthew. This name is expected to rise in popularity, considering Matthew McConaughey recently chose it for his son.👶

👉 Liam:

Liam originated as a short form of William, but it’s now a formidable option on its own. It was popularized by American actor Liam Neeson. Teenagers would associate this name with Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth.👶

👉 Loic:

This moniker is different, in both sounds and look and that’s what is attractive. Loic is the French variation of Louise and means ‘famous warrior’.👶

👉 Luca:

Luca is a popular gender-neutral name that is mostly used as a male name in Italy. Colin Firth and Hillary Duff picked this name for their sons. Jennie Garth, on the other hand, used it for her daughter.👶

👉 Luigi:

This moniker was for long associated with Mario’s brother. But it has now started to make a mark of its own. Luigi would appeal to vintage and old-fashioned parents. It means ‘renowned warrior’.👶

👉 Luis:

This spelling is a nice variation to the commonly used Louis. Meaning ‘famous warrior’, this name is also tied with Luis Bunuel, who’s fondly referred to as the father of cinematic surrealism.👶

👉 Luke:

Luke is a perennial favorite with the parents, and it isn’t difficult to decipher why. Despite being Biblical in origin, this moniker sounds fresh and steadfast. And it’s associated with Star Wars (Luke Skywalker).👶

👉 Lyle:

Lyle is a straightforward, single syllable, cool short name, meaning ‘someone who lives on an island’. It’s usually used as a surname in European countries, but it would work well as a first name also.👶

👉 Lynx:

If you are both, an animal lover and a tech geek, Lynx would be an excellent pick for you. Apart from being one of the species of wild cats, Lynx is also a software technology, providing internet, phone connections and medical devices to millions.👶

👉 Mack:

Mack has been able to make to the top 100 list since the year 1900. It means ‘son’.👶

👉 Mark:

Some say that Mark is the English form of Marcus while some others opine that it’s related to Mars. This name reached the pinnacle of its popularity in 1974, and is all set to make a comeback.👶

👉 Mason:

This name is simple to spell and pronounce and its meaning ‘stone worker’ gives it a hardy feel. This upscale name is a favorite with celebs as well, with Ne-Yo and Kourtney Kardashian naming their sons Mason.👶

👉 Max:

Though Max is one of the most favorite short names of all time, It’s a pity that it has never made it to the top 100 list.👶

👉 Mika:

This sweetheart of a name means ‘beautiful smell’ in Japanese. In Native American language, Mika means ‘wise little raccoon’ and in Finnish, it translates to ‘who is like God’.👶

👉 Miles:

Fashionista mothers would be aware that this name was made popular by supermodel Miles McMillan, one of the top 50 models right now. Its association with musician Miles Davis further cements its position as one of the greatest baby names.👶

👉 Neil:

If unusual name is what you want for your son, Neil will interest you. This unique short name is taken from Irish Gaelic name, meaning ‘cloud’ or ‘champion’.👶

👉 Noah:

Perhaps the romantic movie The Notebook helped this Biblical name move up to the top spot on the SSA list. This moniker is staid, strong and sounds fresh even after years of usage.👶

👉 Orion:

Orion, the name of the most recognizable constellations in the world, is inspired by Greek mythology. This rare and exotic name means ‘rising in the sky’.👶

👉 Oscar:

Naming your son Oscar would set him for a lifetime of respectability and success. It’s been used by several European royalties, in all its variations.👶

👉 Paul:

We, are a huge fan of this short and sweet baby boy name. It comes from the Latin word ‘paul’, meaning ‘humble’.👶

👉 Peter:

Peter originates from the Greek word ‘petros’ and means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. Its pop culture reference would be Peter Parker, the real name of Spiderman.👶

👉 Reid:

This unisex name is familiar in the US more for boys than girls. Meaning ‘red-haired’, this name currently ranks #259 in the top 1000 baby boy list. And the ‘i’ in this name gives it a unique look.👶

👉 Rhys:

Rhys, a beautiful name with Welsh roots, is a variation of Reece. This moniker entered the top 100 list in the year 2004, probably after being inspired by actor Jonathan Rhys. Rhys means ‘ardor’.👶

👉 River:

It seems that this name will never go out of style. The most notable River has to be the 70s heartthrob River Phoenix.👶

👉 Rollo:

Rollo, meaning ‘famous in the land’, is a name fit for a Viking leader or a rambunctious little guy. Its variation includes Rolla and Rolf.👶

👉 Ryan:

This moniker instantly brings Ryan Reynolds to mind. Ryan is one of the few names that have stayed in the popularity charts for decades. It’s an Irish name meaning ‘king’.👶

👉 Sam:

Sam, the abbreviation of Samuel, feels way more modern than the original. Around 11,000 babies are named Sam every year.👶

👉 Scott:

If you’re a fan of literature, how about naming your son after, Scott Fitzgerald, the author of “The Great Gatsby”? This name means ‘Scottish’.

👉 Sean:👶

This Irish moniker reigned the US baby name list for long. It may have slipped, but not too low. This name means ‘God is gracious’.👶

👉 Taft:

Solid, brief and rare, Taft is an Old French name meaning ‘homestead’. Its namesake is William Howard Taft, the 26th US president.👶

👉 Tom:

Tom is the most familiar alternative of Thomas. It means ‘twin’.👶

👉 Valor:

As per Oxford dictionary, Valor means ‘great courage in the face of danger’, which is exactly what boys of future generation will need. And it sounds cool as well!👶

👉 Van:

Van is a jazzy, midcentury Dutch name, poised for a comeback, along with cousins Walt and Ray. This moniker is usually heard as a prefix of a surname, but it would make a great first name too.👶

👉 Vidor:

If you want a unique short baby name for your son, Vidor could be the right pick. The moniker sounds rough and tough, but means ‘happy’ in the Hungarian language.👶

👉 Wolfe:

Names with earthy elements are extremely popular. Wolves are extremely powerful on their own, yet they do not indulge in any activity without the other group members, which we feel is a strong quality. The ‘e’ at the end is making it look even better.👶

👉 Wynn:

This Welsh name is one of the freshest choices in the US. It harks back to the good old days when surnames like Winfred, Winston and Winfield were extremely popular. This name means ‘handsome’.👶

👉 Zac:

It is a name popularized by Disney hero Zac Efron. It’s originally a short form of Zachary and means ‘God has remembered’.👶

👉 Zane:

If you want your son to stand out with a distinctive name, you’ve found it here. Zane is a name with happy vibes.

👉 Zed:

This Hebrew name is another variation of Zedekiah and means ‘the Lord is just’. It’s definitely less stuffy and more hip.👶


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